Advising in Dudley

There are a number of people in the Dudley Community whom undergraduates can turn to for academic or personal support. All Dudley Community undergraduates are assigned an adviser, who is a Tutor for the House. The Resident Dean, Laura Chivers ( is also available to talk about any academic or personal issues that arise. In addition to more general academic advising, Dudley tutors  also work in conjunction with the Office of Career Services to provide pre-law (Rachel Culley) and pre-med advising (David Severson) and Dudley’s Fellowships Advisors Mariel Young and Nikhita Obeegadoo offers information and support for fellowships applications in partnership with the office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Dudley tutors all advise particular populations of Dudley students: Dudley sophomores (both off-campus and in the Dudley co-op) are advised by our Sophomore Adviser, Olivia Carpenter. Juniors and seniors in the Dudley co-op have the co-op tutors, Bradley Craig and TBD, as their advisers. Off-campus juniors and seniors work with our non-resident tutors, Olivia Carpenter, Shai Dromi, David Graff and John Towey.

The Program Manager of Visiting Student Advising, Chris Gilbert, oversees the advising for all visiting undergraduates. Visiting Undergraduates are also individually advised by one of the following Dudley  tutors: Colin Brown, Chris Gilbert, Brian Palmiter, Anna  Hopper, Tara Nicola and Jason Qian.

Please see the Tutors’ section of our People page for more information on your adviser. If you do not know who your adviser is, please contact Carvina Williams (

Harvard College Undergraduate Advising Resources

The Advising Programs Office provides invaluable information about course selection, concentrations, general requirements for the college, and resources to support students.