Welcome to Dudley

The Dudley Community enthusiastically serves undergraduate students living outside the traditional House system, including residents of the Dudley Co-op, students living off-campus, and Visiting Undergraduate students. This eclectic mix of members is one of the particular pleasures of Dudley. Learn more about the Dudley Community.

Dudley Community Housing Day 2021

Moving off campus? Consider joining the Dudley Community

Dudley Community offers all the academic resources of a House, including a Resident Dean, specialty advising such as fellowships, pre-law, and pre-med and specialty tutors. We also have a team of non-resident tutors matched with our off-campus students who have more specialized knowledge related to challenges off-campus students sometimes face. Our space and amenities are tailored to the needs of off-campus students. To find out more, email us at ududley@fas.harvard.edu.