Dudley Co-Op


The Dudley Co-op, founded in 1958 as an alternative to other on-campus housing, has a long and vibrant tradition as a progressive, participatory community. Housed in two Victorian homes located between Harvard and Porter squares, the Dudley Co-op offers a welcome counterpoint to traditional Harvard living for many students.

About Dudley Co-Op

The Dudley Co-op is an invaluable resource for undergraduates who are looking for an alternative to standard House life at Harvard. The Co-op is a small community of just 32 undergraduates living in two Victorian houses not far from the Quad. Co-opers can really get to know each other and each take an active role in shaping their community.

The Dudley Co-op is cooperative. We purchase our own foods, do our own chores, and make community decisions at Co-op meetings. The Co-op is great for people who are interested in working together and having the opportunity to cook, compost, garden, etc.The Coop is also economical. Room and board are significantly less expensive than in Houses, since we do so much of our own upkeep. We strive to create a community that is open, evolving, and eager to listen.

The Co-op is located in a residential neighborhood between Harvard and Porter Square, and it is Harvard Housing, so all Harvard rules apply. Two graduate Residential Tutors live with the students. Co-opers are affiliated with Dudley Community, which has a Resident Dean and offers all the academic services you would find in a House like pre-law, pre-med, and fellowships advising.

We have vegetarian/vegan dinner every night at 6:30, and students are ALWAYS welcome to drop by and experience the Co-op for themselves. Students may also quarter-board, an arrangement where students take part in some house chores and meals but do not live at the Co-op.



The Co-op and the Quad are equidistant from the Yard. To reach the Co-op, walk along Mass Ave away from Harvard Square toward Porter Square. There are two Co-op Houses. One at 1705 Mass Ave, and another at 3 Sacramento Street.