Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

    TBD and TBD are the Fellowships Advisers. and are available to help Dudley undergraduates plan and write applications for fellowships. They will send out periodic announcements about upcoming fellowships opportunities. They are also happy to help students explore their interests, develop mentoring networks, and make summer and post-graduation plans. (Until we are able to hire new Fellowships tutors, please email Dean Laura Chivers at dudleyhousedean@fas.harvard.edu to register your interest and reach out to the URAF advisers for initial advising).

    Information & Resources at URAF (Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships)

    All Dudley undergraduates should familiarize themselves with the URAF website. Students should also visit URAF, located on the second floor of 77 Dunster Street.  Please stop by with any question you might have! URAF also has a mailing list for which you can sign up to be informed about informational meetings and deadlines.

    Here some important databases for grants and fellowships:

    1. URAF Fellowship Database (Here you can find opportunities for research as well as fellowships)

    2.Harvard College Wide Funding Database

    3. Pivot Database (a non-Harvard listing of fellowships)

    You should also check out the available grants from Harvard's International Centers such as the Asia Center, Center for European Studies, Center for International Development, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, and others.

    Please note that funding resources vary depending on your interests and goals. Your professors, TFs, and fellow students may be able to inform you about funding opportunities in their fields of interest.

    A Special Note on Deadlines

    Please remember that many fellowships have early deadlines and that putting together fellowship applications can take a considerable amount of time. For instance, the Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright applications are very time-consuming and are due in late August/early September. Students should contact Dean Laura (dudleyhousedean@fas.harvard.edu) and start working on these applications in the spring of their Junior year.