The Dudley Community enthusiastically serves a community of undergraduates including residents of the Dudley Co-op, students living off-campus, and Visiting Undergraduate students. This eclectic mix of members is one of the particular pleasures of Dudley.

Students affiliated with the Dudley Community express great appreciation for:

  • The chance to know other students who have chosen the same living situation
  • The Community's individualistic and holistic approach to advising
  • The Community's space for providing amenities helpful to off-campus students such as lockers and food storage as well as comfortable space for students to relax, study or socialize
  • Dudley's specialized knowledge and support for unique challenges that students living outside of the House system may experience

Undergraduates are encouraged to come by the Dudley Community space at 10 DeWolfe Street on the 2nd Floor to meet the staff (Suite 23) and check out the student space (Suite 22). Dudley is known for its friendliness and its determination to see that undergraduates use the opportunities at Harvard fully and contentedly.