Off-Campus Living

Dudley Community is the academic and social home at Harvard for many off-campus undergraduates. All rising sophomores moving off-campus are affiliated with Dudley Community, and students living in a House moving off-campus can choose to change affiliation to Dudley. We enourage students considering moving off-campus to make an apppointment with the Dudley Community Resident Dean to get more information about things to consider when moving off-campus and to learn more about Dudley's resources.

Dudley Community offers the same academic resources as a traditonal House, including a Resident Dean, specialty advising such as fellowships, pre-law, and pre-med and specialty tutors. We also have a team of non-resident tutors matched with our off-campus students who provide regular check-ins and are available for questions and support throughout the year.

Our Resident Dean and tutors and have more specialized knowledge related to challenges off-campus students sometimes face, and our space and amenities are tailored to the needs of off-campus students. Dudley also offers the opportunity to meet other students who have chosen the same kind of living situation. To find out more, email us at