Common Spaces and Amenities

Dudley Community's offers common spaces for the use of all Dudley students at our new DeWolfe Street location.

10 DeWolfe Student Space

Looking for a cozy place to hang out, study or relax in between classes? In our Student Space in Suite 22, on the 2nd floor of 10 DeWolfe St, you will find comfy couches and a table for working or eating in the main area, and a separate room with a table that can be used for study or group meetings. This space will observe the floor's quiet hours. You'll also find our lockers and kitchen area here! 

20 DeWolfe Common Room

Want to watch TV or hang out with a large group of friends? The Common Room on the 1st floor of 20 DeWolfe St is open for use of all 10 and 20 DeWolfe St residents as well as all Dudley Community students. We'll have some of our Dudley Community social events here too! 

Storing and Reheating Food

Want to bring food from home and enjoy it while on campus? In our 10 DeWolfe St student space Suite 22, you will find a food prep area with a refrigerator and microwave, and hot water available instantly from the special faucet on the sink.

The refrigerator will be emptied of all items on Fridays between 5 and 10pm. We employ a "leave it kinder than you found it" philosophy to keep the space usable and available to all Community members - dispose of waste properly and clean up after yourself right away!


Don't let your books and other belongings weigh you down! Dudley Community has a small number of lockers available to in our 10 DeWolfe St student space, Suite #22. Email Carvina at to inquire about reserving one. 


Dudley Community students may print to the printer in the Vending Room (off the Laundry Room) in 10 DeWolfe St 1st Floor

10 and 20 DeWolfe Building Access

All Dudley students should have "universal access" to undergraduate residential spaces during term time while active students - this includes 10 and 20 DeWolfe St and all undergradute House main entrances (try tapping your HUID to the small grey pads if the large black ones don't permit access). If your access does not work, notify us at

During summers and breaks, or for non-students visiting Dudley Community, make arrangements with the Dudley staff for access: 617-495-2256 or

Partial or Full Meal Plans

Yearning for the convenience of a meal plan? Students in Dudley Community may purchase a 5-, 10-, or 21-meal per week meal plan. Find out more info and sign up using the 2019-20 Variable Meal Plan Enrollment Form.

Dudley students enrolled in a meal plan will have access to GSAS Commons (view hours and location) as their home dining hall and will also be able to use the meal plan at other House's dining halls, subect to interhouse restrictions. 

At GSAS Commons with a Dudley meal plan, one swipe at lunch is equal to up to $12 to spend on the a la carte options, and one swipe at dinner is an “all you care to eat” buffet.  Dudley students are the only undergraduates permitted to use their meal plans at GSAS Commons – other guests may eat  in GSAS Commons (limited to 4 at dinner) but must  pay for their meal directly using cash, credit, or Crimson Cash (Board Plus is not accepted).

Intramural Sports

Continuing the previous tradition for one more bridge year, Dudley Community students will be able to participate in the GSAS IM team for the 2019-20 academic year. Contact the GSAS Student Center Fellows in Athletics for more information about this year's offerings and how to join the team: