Susan Zawalich

Meet the people at Dudley House!

Please come up and see me in my third-floor office whenever you have a question, concern, idea....or just need toy therapy. I am exhaustingly enthusiastic about Dudley House and all the amazing students and staff I work with. Together we form a multifaceted team and we are looking forward to getting to know you all. I am passionately interested in film, French, 19th-century novels, children, Godzilla, theatre, British actors...and especially Fred Astaire. I audit a lot of courses at the Extension School (such as The Celtic Heroic Age, Islamic Art and Architecture, The Latin Middle Ages, Moons and Planets, The Vikings, Mesoamerican Civilizations, Italian, French film and photography, Russian Imperial Literature....) so you see that I have a lot of interests to share with you...and I am very interested in what you are studying in this Treasure House of Harvard.

I hope you are able to participate in many of the activities that Dudley House offers for you during the year. Welcome!