Language Tables



To all language enthusiasts and polyglots out there: come join Dudley House Language Tables, our informal conversational meetings, to practice or converse in a foreign language with other students and native-speakers alike! Language tables organize among themselves to choose a date and time amenable to its participants, and then meet weekly or bi-weekly on or nearby to campus. Participation is open to all Harvard affiliates and there is no fee to join!

Over the past few years we have had a cumulative total of over 20 tables running, including French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Farsi, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. We are always happy to help students organize a Language Table for a language that hasn’t yet been active in the past.



Language TableLeader

ArabicDaniel Cord


Bengali***Looking for a leader***
Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian***Looking for a leader***
Catalan***Looking for a Leader***
ChineseMax Menzies
Czech***Looking for a leader***



Micah Walter

Micah Walter


Christina Chang

Emily Gehrels


Patty Rohs

Tiffany Nichols

Sofia Prado-Irwin

Armanc Yildiz

Greek ***Looking for a leader***
Hebrew***Looking for a leader***
Hindi/Urdu***Looking for a leader***
IrishGregory Richard Darwin
Italian ***Looking for a leader***
JapaneseLu Ni


***Looking for a leader***

Other South Asian Languages

 ***Looking for a leader***
Persian***Looking for a leader***
Polish***Looking for a leader***
Portuguese***Looking for a leader***
Romanian***Looking for a leader***
Russian***Looking for a leader***
Scandinavian***Looking for a Leader***

Christina Chang

Swahili ***Looking for a leader***
Turkish Charlotte Lloyd
Ukrainian***Looking for a Leader***


Interested in leading one of these tables, or starting a new table not listed here? Want more information? Contact Dudley I/C (