Intramural and Club Sports

Sports at Dudley

    As graduate students, you have two primary options to participate in competitive sports at Harvard, intramurals and club sports.  You are welcome to participate in either or both for any sport.

    Intramural Sports give you the chance to compete for Dudley House in a variety of sports. We participate in the Harvard House Intramural Program, together with the other 12 Harvard houses. You may participate in as many different sports as you like during the year. It is not necessary to be 'good' at a sport in order to play -- the important thing is to have fun, and the emphasis is on participation. If you are interested in helping out Dudley's intramural efforts further, any assistance in organizing, coaching, or captaining a team is always welcome.

    Dudley's overall rank among Harvard houses in the Straus cup competition has consistently been within the top four over the past several years. In 2014, we won for the first time in Straus Cup history! Regardless of how well we end up placing, it is always a lot of fun to play on one of the intramural teams.

    You can quickly sign up for a number of mailing lists for individual sports here.  For details on a specific sport, see below. 

    Club Sports are run by student groups independent of Dudley House.  They are generally university-wide organizations, and often offer the chance to compete against other universities.  Again, the commitment and skill level varies--in general all are welcome to join, but some clubs also take part in high-level competitions.  Specific sports clubs are listed below, with links to the individual clubs' web sites.


    Dudley Intramural Sports

    Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
    Flag Football Basketball (A, B, and C Leagues) Men's Crew (A and B Boats)
    Soccer Ice Hockey Women's Crew (A and B Boats)
    Tennis Squash Softball
    Volleyball (A and B Leagues) Volleyball (A and B Leagues)
    Ultimate Frisbee

    Additional Special Tournaments count towards the Straus Cup! Past events are listed below. Information about this year's tournaments coming soon!


    Fall  Winter Spring
    Charles River Run Climbing Tournament 4x200 Track Relay
    Innertube Water Polo Dodgeball Tournament Swim Meet
    Badminton Tournament Women's 3v3 Basketball Ultimate Frisbee
    Kickball Tournament Flag Football
    Table Tennis Tournament Soccer
    Futsal Tournament Tennis
    Charles River Run
    Fencing Meet

    A badminton tournament happens each winter semester. Join the general Athletics listserv to receive more information. 

    Dudley House competes in the interhouse IM leagues, including a team for the A, B, and C leagues.
    A-Leage List: A-League List: dudleyim-basketball-A.  Captains: Roger Strong ( and Joseph Muth (
    B-League List: dudleyim-basketball-B.   Captain: Max Price (
    C-League List: dudleyim-basketball-C.  Captain: LT Zhang (

    Charles River Run
    This event happens once in the fall and once in the spring.  It involves a bealutiful 1.7-mile loop along the Charles River, between the Anderson Bridge and the Eliot Bridge.  Please join the fun!  We usually have a large turnout, and Straus Cup points are awarded based on number of participants from each house, as well as finish times.

    Crew (Rowing)
    Harvard's intramural rowing program, held each spring out of the Weld Boathouse, offers a rare opportunity to row competitively at no cost.  We field two boats each for men and women.  While the A boat is often made up of experienced rowers, the B boat gives a great chance to experience the sport for people with little or knowledge of the sport.  More info on Dudley Intramural Crew can be found here.

    Harvard also offers a summer sculling program through Weld Boathouse.  Details are available on

    Captain: Eliza Gettel (

    Mailing list:

    Dodgeball Tournament
    An intramural dodgeball tournament each year.  Look for e-mails during the academic year regarding dates and how to sign up.

    Dragonboat club

    This club sport practice three times a week, and offers the chance to travel to races around New England and the world.

    Club email:

    Mailing List:

    Dragon Boat club website:


    Fencing Tournament
    A fencing tournament is held near the end of spring semester.  Look for e-mails in the spring regarding how and when to sign up.

    Flag Football
    The intramural flag football league happens each fall.  In addition, there is a flag football tournament during spring semester.

    Mailing list:

    Ice hockey
    The IM hockey league takes place each winter.
    Mailing List:

    Dudley House is a feared dynasty among Harvard houses in the IM soccer league each fall and spring.  In addition, GSAS has its own club team for competition outside of Harvard. Over the summer, a group plays at Hemenway Gym from 12:00-1:30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. A group also generally plays at Cumnock fields from  5:00-7:00pm on Sundays. More information is available at .

    Mailing List:


    Softball is a spring intramural sport. Sign up to the mailing list for more information!

    Mailing list:

    Dudley House competes in the IM squash league each winter.

    Mailing List:

    Swim Meet
    An intramural swim meet is held near the end of spring semester, and is one of the final chances to earn Straus Cup points for Dudley House.  Looks for e-mails in the spring to sign up. 

    Table-Tennis Tournament
    An intramural table tennis tournament is held during winter semester.  In addition, Dudley House often hosts tournaments during January for GSAS students.  Look for e-mail midway through the academic year.

    Intramural tennis competition takes place in both the Fall and Spring academic terms. 
    Captain: Katy McKeough (
    Mailing List:

    Additional information for playing tennis near Harvard:  

    • Click here for a Google map of nearby tennis courts. 
    • If you are an experienced player, check out the Harvard Club Tennis Team. 

    Ultimate Frisbee
    Ultimate frisbee IM games are held in both spring and fall. 
    Captain: Will Steinhardt (
    Mailing list: dudleyim-ultimate

    In addition, Some Harvard grad students play ultimate on Sunday afternoons in summer at Donnelly field, email Will for details. Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance (BUDA) also runs a summer hat league.

    Intramural volleyball happens during both fall and spring terms.  Dudley House fields and A and B team, both of which are co-ed.

    General Volleyball list:

    A-team Captain:  Will Menegas (

    Women's 3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament
    This one-day event happens each winter.  E-mail the Athletics Fellows ( to express interest, or look for e-mails midway through the year. 

    Club Sports


      2015 Sep 03

      Annual Sports Pub 2015

      8:00pm to 10:00pm


      Dudley Games Room

      Come learn more about intramural sports at Dudley House! Laugh at the Athletics Fellows’ bad jokes, meet the team captains, and chat with future teammates while snacking on pizza. 

      Intramural sports:




      --Ultimate Frisbee

      --Flag Football 

      --Ice Hockey





      Read more about Annual Sports Pub 2015

      2015 Mar 28

      Swim Meet

      2:30pm to 7:00pm


      Blodgett Pool

      Want to see your name up on the big screen? Swim for Dudley! Swimmers of all levels welcome. More information about sign-ups to follow--watch the Dudley Athletics email thread for an email! 

      2015 Mar 08

      Dodgeball Tournament

      2:00pm to 7:00pm



      Play dodgeball for Dudley against the undergrads! More information on the schedule to follow. Email the Dudley Athletics Fellows, if you are interested in participating. 

      2015 Mar 12

      Spring Sports Pub

      8:00pm to 10:00pm


      Dudley Game Room

      Remember how much fun you had at Fall Sports Pub? Well, Spring Sports Pub is here! Come hang out with the Athletics Fellows and captains, grab some beverages and pizza, and get info about spring sports. Rowing, softball, and volleyball have full spring seasons, while football, frisbee, soccer, and tennis all have tournaments in the spring. We will also have upcoming special events, including a women's handball tournament and a swimming meet. Show up to find out more and generally enjoy the company of like-minded, athletically-bodied folk! 

      2014 Sep 04

      Fall Sports Pub 2014

      8:00pm to 9:30pm


      Game Room

      Come learn about athletics options through Dudley House and sign up for fall intramural teams. Food and drink will be provided.