Movie Night: Tampopo (Japan, 1985)


Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Game Room, Lehman Hall (Dudley House)



(Japan 1985, 115 min.)

Japanese, English Subtitles

Time & Location:
Wed. Dec. 7, 6-8pm
@ Game Room, 3rd Floor of
Dudley House

Optional Dinner at Santouka
Ramen at 8 pm.

Gorô, a Wild West hero who in reality is a truck driver, and Tampopo, the owner of a financially struggling ramen restaurant, decide to put an end to their fear from the mafia. Therefore, they have to revolutionize the market of high quality noodles. This challenge, however, reveals the depth of skills required to cook good ramen and turns out to be just as dangerous as the showdown of a spaghetti western… This Japanese “ramen western” is an ode to the art of enjoying noodles, love and life in general.


If your appetite grows while watching this gourmand movie, please join us for a bowl of ramen at santouka on Harvard Square after the screening!

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