2017 Dudley House Fellow Applications Due Feb 1


Wednesday, February 1, 2017 (All day)


Dudley House 3rd Floor


APPLICATIONS DUE February 1, 2017

Application for Dudley Fellow Position

Link to Online Application Form



Any GSAS student who is currently and will be registered in the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for the 2017-18 academic year is eligible to apply. You are not allowed to hold a residential position and be a Dudley Fellow simultaneously.

Responsibilities of the Dudley Fellows:

 Responsibilities of the individual Fellows vary by area of concentration; however, there are obligations which all Fellows share - these include the following:

•     Attend programming and planning meetings in Spring 2017 and August 2017.

•     Attend staff meetings (typically bi-weekly).

•     Participate in and support Dudley events.

•     Assist other Fellows with setup and cleanup of their events and in other areas in which they need help. Dudley Fellows work together as a team for the good of the House and of its members.

•     Keep financial and organizational records of events.

•     Eat in the Dudley Café regularly to encourage a sense of community and interaction between Fellows and other students.

There is no standard time commitment for a Dudley Fellow; the primary rule is to do a good and thorough job on every activity planned. Experience has shown, however, that  Fellows spend approximately 10 to 15 hours per week on average  during term time attending to House related business and Assistant Fellows contribute less time (generally 5 – 10 hours per week). In addition, a significant time commitment is expected of all Dudley House Fellows during the months of August and September. Fellows must be in residence by August 13, 2017 and able to attend the Dudley House Staff Retreat during the third week of August, August 15, 16, 17.

Specific duties of Fellows by area of concentration and examples of activities:

Athletics - Organize both intramural (inter-House) and recreational sports and athletic activities; attend weekly meetings held on Monday afternoons with the athletic secretaries of other Houses; oversee maintenance of Dudley game room.

Arts - Organize art exhibits, art classes or dance classes, and other arts-related activities within the House; organize drama productions, film productions, readings, outings, speakers, and panel discussions pertaining to theater or film.

Café Gato Rojo - Manage the operations of the Café.

Cultural and Intellectual Events - Plan a variety of cultural and cross-disciplinary intellectual events, including Senior Common Room Dinners and Fireside Chats (all of which have invited speakers), student presentations, and multicultural get-togethers. Organize Dudley language tables. Work with Office of Career Services and Bok Center on Professional Development Events held at Dudley House.

Literary - Organize and publish the Dudley House Literary magazine (the Dudley Review), run writers' and poets’ workshops, writers’ bootcamps, organize open mike nights at the Gato Rojo, speaker presentations, reading groups.

Music - Coordinate the music programming at Dudley House including the Dudley House Orchestra, Dudley House Choir, Dudley House Jazz Band, and the World Music Ensemble and sponsor other student concerts at Dudley House.

Public Service - Organize and implement public service opportunities and events such as clothing and food drives, community outreach, meals for the homeless, tutoring at local schools, blood drives, wellness activities and more.

Social Events - Plan and implement social events (including Discover Dudley, the winter and spring formals, wine tasting, social hours, etc.)

Outings - ski trips, plays, museums, bike trips, concerts, hikes, historic sites, etc.

Coordinating– maintain the Dudley e-mail list announcements; organize work rotations and other activities for the Fellows Team; may be combined with an assistant fellow position in another program area. Position is usually filled by a current Dudley Fellow.

Web Communications – oversee Dudley website, e-mail lists, Fellows Computers.


Dudley Fellows will receive a $3,000 stipend for the academic year as compensation. In addition they are allowed up to ten meals per week in the Dudley Café (when the Café is open) to encourage their presence and participation in the life of the House. These meals are for individual use and are not transferable. Dudley Fellows are eligible to live in the GSAS Residence Halls, if they wish.  They are guaranteed a room in one of the halls.  Specific room requests are considered and granted if possible, but not guaranteed.

Each appointment as a Dudley Fellow is for the period August 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018; Fellows may reapply for subsequent years but are ordinarily limited to two years total. A Fellow can be dismissed prior to the end of the appointment for conduct which is considered by the House Directors to be detrimental to the House or for failing to live up to his/her responsibilities to the House.

Assistant Fellows:

In addition to the Fellow positions described above the Dudley House staff may include Assistant Fellows. These positions are assigned in areas in which extra help is required. These positions are ideal for students who are interested in the Dudley Fellow program but cannot make the commitment required to be a Fellow. Assistant Fellows are required to attend the staff and programming meetings and do limited work rotations. They are expected to work closely with the Fellows to whom they are assigned in implementing the programming for their area. They receive up to ten meals a week in the Dudley Café to encourage their presence and participation in the life of the House and are also eligible for housing in the GSAS Residence Halls. A small stipend might also be included, depending upon budget and staffing each year.  The current stipend is $1,500.

Number of positions:

The number of positions available may vary from year to year, depending upon the number of current fellows who are eligible to return for another year of service. Please note that the House is flexible in its staffing; individuals are encouraged to apply for any type of appointment or if they are interested in programming that the House has not addressed in the past. The number of Assistant Fellow positions is fluid and depends on the needs of the Dudley House Staff and student interests.

We encourage you to apply to more than one program area if several match your interests.

Application procedure for new Fellows:

Applications will be available on-line for downloading on the Dudley web site (www.dudley.harvard.edu) and at the Dudley House Office and must be completed and returned to the House Office by Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Please provide written references from two members of the Harvard community (preferably within the Dudley House community, i.e., other Dudley House members, Senior Common Room members, fellow students who can speak to your current activities, etc.); letters of recommendation from the references should be included with your application.

Please submit TWO copies of your application and references to the House Office. Please note that current Dudley House staff members and Fellows should not be named as official references but, of course, they will have input in the selection process.


On the basis of the completed application and the supporting documents, applicants will be selected for an interview to be held in February. Please note on your applications any times during this period at which you would NOT be available for an interview.

Please Fill out the Following Application and submit two copies to the Dudley House Office.