Dudley World Music Ensemble

Welcome to the Dudley World Music Ensemble website!


The World Music Ensemble at Harvard University is a collective of musicians committed to exploring music beyond the Euro-American tradition through (re)arranging, composing, and performing music and sound that draw on various national, regional, and local musical cultures.

If you are interested in joining, practicing and performing with us, contact Daniel Ang, ensemble director, at danielang@g.harvard.edu. We welcome musicians of all backgrounds - Western classical, folk, pop, jazz, and especially those from non-Western musical traditions. 

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The 2017-18 season will start in early September. Watch out for an announcement for the first meeting, which will be in the first week of September!

Our Musical Philosophy

We normally rehearse Tuesdays at 7-10 PM in the Dudley Fireside Room, Dudley House, Harvard University. Members attend rehearsals according to the planned song schedule for the semester (not all musicians play in every song).

We have two major concerts a year, each at the end of the semester.

During the semester we typically rehearse 6-8 songs. Members participate in any number of songs as their availability and the needs dictate. The suggestions for our repertoire come from the musicians themselves. The type of music we perform has no bounds or limitations other than practical ones. We have recently performed songs and pieces from Italy, Russia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Puerto Rico, China, and Ireland, among many others. Some of our music is notated, some are freely improvised - the majority is somewhat in between.

During a rehearsal, the person who knows most about the song or tradition teaches the song to the rest of the group. The ensemble director and other members are constantly on hand to facilitate the process, providing assistance with arranging, transcribing, orchestrating, even rehearsing, as the need dictates.

Our membership consists of people from a diverse range of experiences and musical traditions. There are people who have had backgrounds in Western classical, Indian classical, West African drumming, Indonesian gamelan, jazz, Russian folk music, other forms of world music, as well as natural singer-songwriters who are not formally trained but possess amazing musical talent. The core spirit of our ensemble comes from the organic collaboration of all these different musicians, working together to explore the fascinating, cathartic experiences that come from encountering music beyond one's own comfort zone.

We are always open for new members coming in at any time of the year. If you play any instrument or sing, and are interested in exploring music from all over the world, feel free to join in a rehearsal!

Watch a playlist of past concerts here. Visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook page as well!

For more information, contact Daniel Ang at danielang@g.harvard.edu.