Dudley Fellows


Dudley House employs a vibrant group of graduate students from GSAS as Dudley Fellows to plan events, activities, and programming for House members. Fellows usually serve for 1-2 academic years during their time at Harvard, and come from across the discipline.

Program Area
Mina Gadalla
Christina Shivers
Demetra Vogiatzaki
William (Eamon) Callison   Athletics
August Domel
Filip Michalsky
Mehul Smriti Raje
Computers/Web, Social
Emma Zitzow-Childs
Romance Languages and Literatures
Jessica Carbone
American Studies
Ahmed Seif
Thomas Hill
Urban Planning
Paul Johnston   Intellectual Cultural 
Becca Voelcker Films and Visual Studies Intellectual Cultural
Christian Struck
German Literature
Kristin Torres
Regional Studies
Sarah Koval
Historical Musicology
Music - Chorus
Jacob Sunshine
Music - Jazz
Max Murray
Music - Orchestra
Eric Puma
Applied Physics
Music - WME
Lindsey Brown
Etha Williams
Sarah McGough
Public Health
Rodrick Kuate Defo
John Lee
Speech and Hearing Bioscience & Technology
Weilu Shen
Applied Physics

* Fellows' contact information is available in the Program Area pages.



Christian Struck - Literary

I’m a PhD student in the German Literature department with a secondary in Critical Media Practice. My academic focus is on contemporary philosophy, literary theory, and media studies, as well as materials and their properties. Apart from that, I’m into sound/music, video/movies, and installation art. In my spare time, I do lots of coffee and some yoga and recently fell in love with climbing. As Literary Fellow, I’m excited to bring literature, philosophy, and ›the arts‹ together and to talk about them with everyone interested.

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Rodrick Kuate Defo – Social

Hi! I am a physics PhD student studying how to optimize storing information in imperfections in materials such as diamond. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, but moved to Montreal when I was about 4 years old. While there, I imbibed a love of hockey, my height meant a love of basketball was inevitable and my family being Cameroonian, and fond of Roger Milla, meant I effectively emerged from the womb dribbling a soccer ball. I very much enjoy all sorts of multiple person games because of the invariably interesting interplay of personalities. I also really enjoy dancing and watching anything from ballet to live musicals to movies. I look forward to planning an extremely entertaining and engaging year!


Weilu Shen - Social

Hello! My name is Weilu, and I’m excited to be one of your Dudley social fellows this year! I am a PhD student in applied physics at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I study how lasers interact with nanoscale structures for bioengineering applications. I was born in Japan to Chinese parents, and moved to Boston when I was six years old. I play the violin for the Dudley Orchestra and am also on the Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE) executive board as the co-chair for the mentoring program. I am looking forward to meeting you at our exciting events!


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John LeeSocial

Hey everyone! My name is John and I’m excited to be one of Dudley’s Social Fellows this year. I’m currently a PhD student in the SHBT (Speech and Hearing Bioscience & Technology) program, studying auditory/vestibular hair cell synapses and gene therapies for hearing loss. I grew up in Berkeley, CA and have slowly made my way to the east coast (after making 4-year stops in Chicago for undergrad and Nashville for grad school). When I’m not in lab with my mice, I like to play basketball, work out, watch movies, play the cello, and dance. Looking forward to meeting you at our events!

August Domel – Athletics Fellow
I am a PhD student at Harvard studying Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Specifically, my thesis is in bio-inspired design for mechanical and biomechanical applications. I play for Dudley's basketball and football intramural teams, both of which have won championships in recent years. As a Dudley Sports Fellow, I look forward to continuing my involvement and helping run Dudley's intramural program, as well as putting together more activities for students.


Mehul Smriti Raje – Computers/Web

As a Computer Scientist in a family of Architects, I am passionate about interdisciplinary innovation that explores links between Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Art and Social Interactions. My other passion is to inspire and empower young women to break societal molds to learn by intuition and pursue careers in tech. In my free time, I love to read, blog and occasionally surprise people with my film making and guitar skills!

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Becca VoelckerIntellectual Cultural

I originally come from rural North Wales (UK) and I lived in England and Japan before starting at Harvard. I'm a PhD student in Film and Visual Studies, and my research looks at the representation of place in experimental film. I combine academic research with writing film criticism and curating for festivals and exhibitions. Most nights of the week you can find me in Harvard Film Archive's cinema watching films old and new, or otherwise running along the river, in the pool or at the gym. I love speaking different languages and learning about cultures through film, food, architecture and art.    

Kristen Torres - Literary

Hello! My name is Kristin Torres. I'm a G2 in the Master's program in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian regional studies, and am working on a thesis about the post-Soviet film industry. As a Dudley Literary Fellow, I'll mix my loves of multimedia and literature. Originally from California's Central Valley, I received my BA and MA in Russian Literature from the University of Missouri (so I also consider myself an honorary Missourian). I've always had one foot in academia and one foot in arts and journalism. I've worked as a radio producer, including on the NPR Arts Desk and as an arts journalist in St. Petersburg, Russia. Here at Harvard's Davis Center, I produce the Eurasian Enigma podcast. I'm also the Master's Student Representative for GSC and a Dudley Fellows liaison to the Office of Career Services, so I'm interested in advocating for Master's students and connecting all graduate students to opportunities in career exploration. When I'm not researching or producing, I can be found weightlifting, on a long walk, or searching for good Mexican food in Boston.

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Sarah KovalMusic: Chorus

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m a PhD student in Historical Musicology from rural Ontario, Canada. Although formally trained as a bassoonist, I have also studied voice, piano, and clarinet (and maybe a little bagpipe). I am conducting the Dudley House Choir this year and look forward to welcoming singers of all levels of experience to make some music together. When not making, listening to, or thinking about music and sound, I like to play soccer, knit, struggle with Latin and French, and watch cheesy Canadian TV shows.

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Tommy HillIntellectual and Cultural

I am a PhD student in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. My research focuses on big data for the built environment, “smart” cities, and the history, theory and practice of urban simulation. My hobbies include running, electronic music, making visual art, and exploring cities by foot and by bike. I love learning more about the intellectual resources and brilliant minds at Harvard, which is why I am a member of the Intellectual/Cultural Events team.


Sarah McGough - Public Service Fellow

Greetings! My name is Sarah McGough and I hail from Southern California. I am currently completing my PhD at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, exploring infectious disease modeling and machine learning methods. I am passionate about issues of homelessness, human rights, climate, and food security, and come with substantial experience in community outreach and mobilization around these themes. I'm looking forward to connecting students with great organizations across Cambridge and Boston to get their hands on issues that inspire them the most! In my free time, I enjoy hiking my way across New England, reading good fiction, and mastering the art of tea brewing.

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Lindsey Brown - Outings Fellow
Hi, I’m Lindsey, a PhD student in Applied Mathematics.  My research focuses on modeling circadian rhythms at different scales, from molecular to human level models.   Outside of lab, you can find me playing tennis (with Dudley IMs), taking a Harvard Recreation group fitness class, or volunteering with One Brick or Dudley Public Service.  As an Outings Fellow, I’m excited to revisit and introduce you to some of my favorite parts of Boston and am looking forward to going on some new adventures with you this year!

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Max Murray - Music Fellow: Orchestra

Hello! My name is Max Murray. I'm a PhD student in music composition, and the music fellow directing the Dudley House Orchestra. I am passionate about classical music and sharing the experiences that it offers whether in performance, in education, or in my work as a composer. If you're a graduate student eager to retain orchestral music-making in your life in an engaging and high-spirited forum please get in touch! 

Following a tireless childhood course in food and laughter appreciation, I studied music performance and composition in Canada and Germany before moving to Boston.

emma zc

Emma Zitzow-Childs - Coordinating Fellow

Hello! I’m Emma, a G4 in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, where I specialize in 20th and 21st-century French literature. At Dudley, I serve as Coordinating Fellow, in which role I help make sure that all the various program areas of Dudley work together to provide amazing programming for our graduate student community. Hailing from a rural farming community in Minnesota, I brought a love for gardening with me to Boston. So when when I'm not in grad-student mode, you can find me puttering around in my backyard garden during the warmer months. I also enjoy taking far too many photos of my long-hair calico cat named Olive, playing cello, working through recipes from my great-grandmother's Norwegian cookbook, hiking in the White Mountains with my husband, and have recently rediscovered watercolor painting. Come say hello!



Jessica Carbone - Food Literacy Fellow

I am pursuing a PhD in American Studies, where my focus is on food history and culture. I come back to my Boston hometown with a decade of working in the "food world," first as a cookbook editor and then as a food history researcher and public program developer. My DIY-food education has included front and back-of-house work in restaurants and supper clubs, volunteering with my neighborhood CSA, and reading and cooking from every food-focused book I can get my hands on. Looking forward to planning events for Dudley House this year!


Mina Gadalla - Arts Fellow

My name is Mina and I am from Egypt. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Physics in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. My research focuses on studying photonics and nano-optics. I love diving, horseback riding, windsurfing, SOCCER (left winger) and salsa dancing. As a Dudley Arts fellow, I will try to bring as many dance classes and events as possible to the GSAS so please let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions about what kind of dancing you want to learn.



Eric Puma - Music Fellow: WME

Hi, I’m Eric and I’ll be the musical director of the Dudley World Music Ensemble for the 2018-19 season! I am a graduate student of applied physics, a multi-instrumental musician, and an avid cyclist. The World Music Ensemble is an international collective of musicians from our academic community. Our compositions and arrangements draw inspiration from musical traditions worldwide, and are a representative fusion of our unique passions and strengths. If you are a musician, or a lover of music, we would love to have you join the fun!