Dudley Fellows



Dudley House employs a vibrant group of graduate students from GSAS as Dudley Fellows to plan events, activities, and programming for House members. Fellows usually serve for 1-2 academic years during their time at Harvard, and come from across the discipline.

Program Area
Ang, Daniel
Music - WME
Balug, Kate
Chan "Peter" Kim
Devlin, Maria
Gettel, Eliza
Goshadze, Mariam
Grebel, Tal
Janvelyan, Nare
Jin, Huan
Lin, Lei
Madrid, Marinna
Applied Physics
Mailes, Alana
Music - Chorus
Menegas, William
Program Area
Murray, Max
Music - Orchestra
Olson, Joseph
Politz, Sarah
Music - Jazz
Roehrborn, Anne
Ruegg, Jonas
She, Alan
Computers, Web
Steinhardt, Will
Stern, Justin
Tanaka, Adam
Urban Planning
Victor, Rebecca
Wolf, Madeleine
Romance Languages & Literatures
Zhang, Shuyan
Zitzow-Childs, Emma
Romance Languages & Literatures

* Fellows' contact information is available in the Program Area pages.


Daniel Ang - Music Fellow: World Music Ensemble

Hi, I'm Daniel! I have lived and studied in Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, and finally the United States. I am currently a 2nd year graduate student in atomic physics, working on an experiment measuring the shape of the electron, which can potentially tell us exciting new things about the universe. I am also a passionate musician, both as a performer and composer. I started as a cellist and pianist in the classical tradition, but in the last few years I have discovered jazz, world, folk music and the exhilarating thrills of improvisation. As the director of the World Music Ensemble, I hope to create a fresh, adventurous, creative, and yet communal and inclusive ensemble that makes music in any way that speaks to its members. If you are a musician coming from any musical tradition in the world, or simply someone who is curious to explore everything from Italian ballads to Russian folk songs to Pakistani pop to Indonesian gamelan-inspired music, please get in touch!

Kate BalugArts Fellow

Hello, my name is Kate and I don't understand." That's how my life in the US began at age 9, when I moved here from Poland. I have been pursuing different paths to understanding ever since, through art, urban theory, drums, and yoga. I'm a second-year PhD student studying utopia after the 1960s at the Harvard GSD. As an art fellow, I hope to offer creative experiences for students both well-versed in art and ones looking to expand their horizons.

Maria Devlin – Arts Fellow 

Hi! My name’s Maria Devlin and I’m an assistant Dudley Fellow in Arts. I’m a PhD student in the English Department studying Shakespeare and Renaissance comedy. I’m also a big fan of Harry Potter, detective stories, and classic films. I love finding new favorite books, music, and movies, and learning more about how they were made. I look forward to sharing some of these with you and learning your favorites, too. There’s so much great art to see and experience at Harvard and in Boston, and the Arts Fellows are here to help you find it! 

Eliza Gettel – Coordinating Fellow

I am a PhD student studying ancient history in the Classics Department. I focus on Roman imperial history, but I have a side passion for archaeology, which conveniently takes me to sunny places during the summer. I am a New England girl through and through, and I have an inordinate amount of pride for my home state, New Hampshire. I grew up ski racing, hitting tennis balls and racquetballs, playing soccer, rowing, hiking, biking and most other activities you can list. Now I channel this energy into coordinating events for Dudley House members. Dudley Rowing and inner-tube water polo tournaments have a special place in my heart. I'm very excited to be returning as a Dudley Fellow this year and I'm looking forward to another fantastic year! 

Mariam Goshadze – Public Service Fellow

Hailing from a tiny and often misrecognized country of Georgia, I am a PhD student in African religions - a highly unlikely combination I have been told. I absolutely love being around people, and feel triumphant to have found the most positive and rewarding way of doing that in the form of public service. I get giddy about attending all forms of religious ceremonies out there, always happy to keep you company if you happen to be attending one. I love family gatherings (both mine and others’), homemade soups and staring at gargantuan mountains in the Georgian alpine tundra. 

Tal GrebelArts Fellow

Hi, my name's Tal, and I study the lives of 19th and 20th century European Jews here at Harvard. Born and bred in New Jersey, Europe became my home for a few years after college and I miss it dearly. I love traveling, cooking, painting, drawing, learning new languages, and reading stories (both real and fictional). I always love to learn new things from the people I meet - don't hesitate to approach me and say hi at the next Arts event!

Nare Janvelyan – Social Fellow

Hi, I’m Nare, a PhD student in Chemistry, focusing on materials and how they affect reactions. If I’m not in lab, you’ll find me at a concert, biking, enjoying a cup of coffee with a book, out and about with friends, or listening to music. As a Social Fellow, I hope to translate these interests into some great events and parties for everyone to enjoy!

Huan Jin – Public Service Fellow

Huan Jin is a Dudley Public Service Fellow for 2014-2015. She is from Heilong jiang province, the most northernmost region in China. The dark winters and the freezing coldness there, however, have only made her character one of resilience and radiating warmth. Huan harbors a great passion for teaching, and is very involved in volunteering activities extracurricularly, for from both, she derives a feeling of fulfillment in being able to improve other people’s lives in tangible ways. She hopes to bring this feeling to more who enjoy public service activities. Now, a student in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, she focuses on her dissertation about writings on the Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864), the most destructive civil war in human history. In her spare time, Huan rides her bicycle, swims, goes music concerts, dances Argentina Tango, reads magazines and newspapers, and enjoys accompanying her friends and likewise, being surrounded by their accompany.

Chan “Peter” KimCafé Gato Rojo Manager

Hi! I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Government Department at Harvard University where I conduct research on the influence of U.S. foreign policy on domestic politics. Outside of academics, I enjoy learning about North Korean society (visited in 2011), playing tennis, watching interviews of fascinating public figures, and, most of all, playing with dogs. As the Manager of Café Gato Rojo, I look forward to meeting and serving you at the Gato!

Lei LinFood Literacy Fellow

Hi, I’m Lei, this year's Food Literacy Fellow. I’m a PhD student in Inner Asian and Altaic Studies. My research focuses on the history of production and circulation of knowledge on Tibet in China from the 17th to the 20th Century. I am from Sichuan, China, a place that famous for its incredibly great variety of delicious food (especially the spicy ones!) and its people’s relaxed lifestyle. I believe that good food is a true bless and makes us cherish and enjoy our life more everyday. I love cooking and eating delicious food and sharing such experiences with my family and friends. I also think that food is a wonderful lens through which we can better understand cultures and people at different places. Whenever I’m in a new city, I would always trek through streets and alleys, looking for great local food and pleasing conversations with local people. I hope the Food Literacy events this year will provide comfortable spaces where we enjoy and learn more about food together!

Marinna Madrid - Outings Fellow

Hi! I’m Marinna, and I’m a third year PhD student in Applied Physics. In lab, I use lasers and plasmonic substrates to deliver materials into cells. When I’m not in lab I’m either eating/drinking with friends or hanging out outside. Two of my favorite (summer) activities in Cambridge are windsurfing on the Charles river and just chilling in the sun. I love exploring and trying new sports - especially water sports - and I’m super stoked to try new outdoorsy things with you as your Outings Fellow! If there is anything you would like to do as an Outing, please let me know! Cheers :)

Alana Mailes - Music Fellow: Chorus

Hello! My name is Alana, and I’m from Southern California. I direct the Harvard Dudley Choir and am a PhD student in Historical Musicology. My primary area of academic research is seventeenth-century music of Italy and the British Isles, particularly opera and monody. I am an enthusiastic performer of early music and maintain an active schedule as a soprano soloist and choral singer throughout Boston. Though singing is my main musical pursuit, I also like to conduct and play the piano, harp, and viol. When not musicking in my free time, I enjoy reading, creative writing, sketching, swimming, exploring museums and other historic sites, and romping around with golden retrievers. I’m looking forward to a fun year of singing and camaraderie with the Dudley Choir. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in joining our community!

William Menegas - Athletics Fellow

My name is Will. I'm an MCB graduate student studying the circuits underlying decision-making in the mouse brain. I like music, and I don't like coffee or tea at all. I'm from Chicago, and my favorite animal is the zebra because you would think that those stripes would be terrible as camouflage because nothing in nature looks at all like them, but actually they work really well for preventing flies from landing on them. When I'm not in lab, I'm often playing basketball or volleyball. As an Athletics Fellow, I hope to get as many people away from their desks to take a break for a game as possible. Especially when it's time for inner-tube water polo!

Max Murray - Music Fellow: Orchestra

Hello! My name is Max Murray. I'm a PhD student in music composition, and the music fellow directing the Dudley House Orchestra. I am passionate about classical music and sharing the experiences that it offers whether in performance, in education, or in my work as a composer. If you're a graduate student eager to retain orchestral music-making in your life in an engaging and high-spirited forum please get in touch! 

Following a tireless childhood course in food and laughter appreciation, I studied music performance and composition in Canada and Germany before moving to Boston.

Joseph Olson - Outings Fellow

I am a physics PhD student researching computational neuroscience. I grew up in both California and Alabama, taking with me the chill west coast vibes and the relaxed southern way of life. My favorite non-research activities are swimming in lakes, cooking with family and friends, camping, grabbing drinks and bbq-ing, making music, etc. etc. As a Outings Fellow I plan to bring these interests to Dudley. But also let me know if you have anything that interests you - I love making spontaneously planned activities.

Sarah Politz - Music Fellow: Jazz

Hi, I'm Sarah. I direct the Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz Combo. I am active as a trombonist in several different groups around Boston, and travel frequently to perform. I am studying ethnomusicology in the Music Department, where my focus is on brass bands from Benin, West Africa. I also like to hike, bike, and spend time outside. Looking forward to a great year!

Anne Roehrborn - Literary Fellow

Born and raised in Berlin, I am now a phd student in Germanic languages and literatures working on contemporary fiction. Sometimes, I zone out on a train and somehow this turns into a story. I write interactive comedy, short and long fiction, and poetry. When I'm not writing or sitting under a tree with a book, you can find me dancing without shoes, balancing on top of my acroyoga partner, or talking to a stranger on a night bus. Have a great story to share? I can't wait to listen.


Jonas Ruegg - Intellectual/Cultural Fellow

My name is Jonas, and I'm an international student from Switzerland. International, that is, not only as a foreigner, but also because my studies so far offered me a number of chances to physically settle down in different places on the globe and to mentally immerse myself in distant ages. In the "Regional Studies - East Asia" MA program, I'm focusing on Japan's early modern history (17th–19th c.). Besides this, I'm studying Chinese and occasionally other languages. In my leisure time, I like painting, knitting, calligraphy and alpinism. At Dudley House, I'm a member of the Cultural / Intellectual team, and I'm looking forward to welcoming you at one of our numerous events.

Alan She – Computers Web Fellow

Hi, I’m Alan, a 5th year PhD student in SEAS (applied physics) where I work on optics and photonics. In my spare time I enjoy going exploring, keeping pets, and building stuff.

I’m the Web fellow, so I’m responsible for making the Dudley House website work. If you have comments or ideas about please get in touch!


Will Steinhardt – Athletics Fellow

I’m a PhD Student in EPS studying factors controlling the extent and morphology of hydraulic fractures by investigating fracture propagation in brittle hydrogels.

As the new athletics fellow, I am hoping to expand upon our successes from last year, when we won the Strauss Cup. This year, I expect Dudley to win the America's Cup, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, cure hiccups, eat cupcakes and sing that “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect. I hope for another great year of Frisbee, Football, Fencing and all the other sports.

Feel free to come talk to me about geology, movies, music, my beloved Eagles, or any questions about playing sports with Dudley.

Justin Stern – Intellectual/Cultural Fellow

Justin is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, making him a dual citizen of sorts between the Graduate School of Design and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. His research focus is on the history and theory of urban form, with particular attention to rapidly urbanizing regions in East and Southeast Asia.

 As a 2014-15 intellectual and cultural fellow Justin plans to organize events that showcase Boston’s rich architectural heritage, as well as contemporary trends in architecture and urban design. He is especially excited to draw on the expertise of local urban historians for walking tours of the “Emerald Necklace” parkway and a visit to the Mapparium in Downtown Boston. In his free time, Justin is an avid traveler and has visited 53 countries and counting for field research and exploration. In Boston, he enjoys biking, visiting local art galleries and exploring New England’s spectacular natural beauty.

A tip: A Harvard student ID grants you free access to the Museum of Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Art, Gardener Museum, Harvard Film Archive and Art Museums, and more! More info at: http://www.ofa.fas.harvard.edu/beat/discounts.php

Adam Tanaka - Social Fellow

Hey, I'm Adam! I'm a G5 in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. I grew up in London, but have now spent 8 going on 9 years in the US, so my accent is fading into an odd Transatlantic blend that is often mistaken for Australian. When not writing my dissertation on affordable housing in NYC, you can probably find me in one of two places: on a bike in some obscure corner of the Boston area or in a nightclub listening to electronic music (despite its staid reputation, Boston actually has a pretty vibrant nightlife and a strong sense of community among fans of dance music -- if you don't mind heading home by 2 AM, that is!). I am serving as Assistant Social Fellow for the coming year and look forward to organizing parties, pub crawls and other fun events. Please come say hello if you have any interest in cities, bike rides, techno or Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Rebecca Victor - Social Fellow

Hello! I'm Rebecca and I study early twentieth-century Beijing-based authors in the Regional Studies: East Asia program. I'm super excited to be one of your Social Fellows! I'm looking forward to planning some great events and luring people out from the libraries to have some fun. My interests include standup comedy, house music, petting dogs, and finding all the good Chinese food spots in Boston -- I hope to be able to share these with everyone in the coming year!

Madeleine Wolf - Literary Fellow

Hello, my name is Madeleine, and I'm a PhD student in Romance Languages & Literatures. I study French literature and culture, with interests in women's writing, ‘fantastic’ literature, and theatre. I love writing, reading, and talking about books, so I'm delighted to be one of Dudley's Literary Fellows this year! I’m originally from Minneapolis, but I’ve lived in Southern California and Paris, and I like to travel. When I'm not in class, I like going on walks, finding new places to explore in the Boston area, writing poetry, and watching movies. I especially enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories, so I look forward to seeing you at our events this year! 

Shuyan Zhang - Social Fellow

Hi, I am Shuyan, a Ph.D. student in Applied Physics. My research focus is on photonics and optics. In my spare time, I like swimming and traveling. I am one of the social fellows. We organize student welcoming events, dance parties and all forms of social events. Please feel free to let us know if you have any interesting ideas.

Emma Zitzow-Childs - Intellectual/Cultural Fellow

Hello! I’m Emma, a PhD student in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, where I specialize in French literature. My research interests involve the various intersections and bleedings-over between literary and musical voices, so you can also frequently find me lurking about the Music Building. As part of the Intellectual/Cultural team at Dudley, I’m looking forward to showcasing interdisciplinary speakers and events. Brushing up on my Norwegian skills (acquired as a girl thanks to my great-grandmother) is something I like to do in my spare time, and a reason for which I’m especially eager to be involved in organizing the Dudley Language Tables. When I’m not parler-ing, snakker-ing, or musiking, I find myself taking too many photos of my cat and scheming my next getaway to another corner of the world.