Dudley Fellows




Dudley House employs a vibrant group of graduate students from GSAS as Dudley Fellows to plan events, activities, and programming for House members. Fellows usually serve for 1-2 academic years during their time at Harvard, and come from across the discipline.

Program Area
Ang, Daniel
Music - WME
Bennett, William
Brown, Lindsey
Callison, Eamon
Human Evolutionary Biology
Carbone, Jessica  American Studies Food Literacy 
Cheng, Kezi
Domel, August
Filie, Amanda
Gettel, Eliza
Hoernle, Nicholas
Jang, Kyooeun
Social / Web
Kim, Peter
Mailes, Alana Historical Musicology Music - Chorus
McGough, Sarah Public Health Public Service
Murray, Max
Music - Orchestra
Program Area
Remillard, Hubert
Ruegg, Jonas
Shen, Weilu
Shivers, Christina
Steinhardt, Will
Tylkin, Paul
Computer Science
Vogiatzaki, Demetra
Walter, Micah
Music - Chorus
Wolf, Madeleine
Romance Languages & Literatures
Liu, Tuo
Romance Languages & Literatures
Zitzow-Childs, Emma
Romance Languages & Literatures

* Fellows' contact information is available in the Program Area pages.


Daniel Ang - Music Fellow: World Music Ensemble

Hi, I'm Daniel! I have lived and studied in Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, and finally the United States. I am currently a 2nd year graduate student in atomic physics, working on an experiment measuring the shape of the electron, which can potentially tell us exciting new things about the universe. I am also a passionate musician, both as a performer and composer. I started as a cellist and pianist in the classical tradition, but in the last few years I have discovered jazz, world, folk music and the exhilarating thrills of improvisation. As the director of the World Music Ensemble, I hope to create a fresh, adventurous, creative, and yet communal and inclusive ensemble that makes music in any way that speaks to its members. If you are a musician coming from any musical tradition in the world, or simply someone who is curious to explore everything from Italian ballads to Russian folk songs to Pakistani pop to Indonesian gamelan-inspired music, please get in touch!

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Weilu Shen – Social Fellow

Hello! I’m Weilu, a PhD student in Applied Physics, studying laser-activated materials for bioengineering applications. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston (specifically, Belmont—just west of Cambridge), and speak Chinese and Japanese! Within SEAS, I am also a member of the Applied Physics Graduate Student Council and am on the executive board of the Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE). For fun, I play the violin in the Dudley House Orchestra and Dudley House World Music Ensemble. I'm wicked excited to be one of your Social Fellows and hope to see you at lot of our events!

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Peter Kim – Café Gato Rojo Manager
Hi! My name is Peter, and I'm the manager of the Café Gato Rojo. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Government department where I conduct research on how U.S. foreign policy and domestic politics influence each other. Outside of grad school, I like playing with dogs (like, a lot), investing, playing tennis, and learning about random things through Youtube, Wikipedia, and people like you.

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August Domel – Athletics Fellow
I am a PhD student at Harvard studying Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.  My research ranges from computational fluid dynamics to soft robotics among other things.  Outside of school, I play for Dudley's basketball and football IM teams, both of which won the Harvard intramural championship this past year! As a Dudley Sports Fellow, I look forward to continuing my involvement and helping run Dudley's intramural program, as well as putting together more activities for students.

  Kyooeun Jang Social Fellow and Web/Computers Fellow
I am a Masters' student at the Regional Studies East Asia program. I hail from Seoul, a sprawling metropolis where the grass isn's as plentiful, but still an amazing city filled with fun activities, art, and amazing restaurants and bars! I love watching documentaries, strolling around wherever I am, and enjoying delicious food! I hope I can help make Dudley a more inclusive and fun place for all GSAS students on campus!
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Micha Walter – Music Fellow: Chorus
Hi! I’m Micah, and I direct the Dudley House Choir. I’m a PhD student in historical musicology, but while my program involves lots reading and writing about music, I also love to make music! Among other things, I sing in the Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir. I believe that everyone who wants to sing should get the chance, so I’m excited to spend time making music and having fun with you all. Please send me a message if you have any questions or ideas about singing at Dudley!

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Amanda FilieSocial Fellow
Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a PhD student in SEAS, researching metal catalysts that reduce the chemical industry’s environmental impact. Outside of lab, you will find me training as a competitive ballroom dancer, running, practicing yoga, or catching up with friends. I love learning new languages and traveling. As a Social Fellow, I hope to plan events that are fun, connect you with fellow graduate students, and enjoy “la dolce vita.”

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Eamon CallisonAthletics Fellow
Salutations!  I’m Éamon.  I am a PhD candidate in Human Evolutionary Biology studying the evolution, biomechanics and physiology of the human respiratory system.  While I am originally from Denver CO (where the mountains are only matched by skiing down them), I now spend my time outside the lab running around Boston looking for coffee or rowing with the Dudley crew team.  As an athletics fellow, it’s my job to make sure that everyone has a good time representing Dudley in intramural sports in the House’s continued quest to reign supreme!  
Feel free to swing by to chat about grad school, sports, the weather, or anything else on your mind.  It’s going to be a wild year!

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Demetra Vogiatzaki - Arts Fellow
When I was 13 I noted in my diary that I wanted a life-time sponsorship in order to read my favorite books uninterrupted; I have been devoted to this goal ever since. I am currently pursuing a PhD at the Graduate School of Design, exploring aspects of virtuality in eighteenth-century architecture; however my interests also include: Hollywood, Net 2.0, Disneyland, parasites, huts and cats. In the past few years I have travelled to 19 countries in 5 continents, organized and participated in art exhibitions in Europe and Asia, directed an award winning short film and became a licensed engineer in Greece, a country with daily earthquakes. I feel extremely honored to serve as an Art Fellow at the Dudley House and I can't wait for a spectacular and creative year!

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Kezi Cheng – Public Service Fellow

Hey there! My name is Kezi Cheng, and I am this year's Dudley Fellow for Public Service. I am currently a PhD student in SEAS working on tunable windows and displays. I am super passionate about social entrepreneurship especially in education reform and clean energy. Having been in Cambridge for 6 years, I want to give back to the community and would love it for you guys to join me. Outside of academics, I love boxing and waterpolo, operas and latin music, as well as going on adventures near and far.



Sarah McGough - Public Service Fellow

Greetings! My name is Sarah McGough and I hail from Southern California. I am currently completing my PhD at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, exploring infectious disease modeling and machine learning methods. I am passionate about issues of homelessness, human rights, climate, and food security, and come with substantial experience in community outreach and mobilization around these themes. I'm looking forward to connecting students with great organizations across Cambridge and Boston to get their hands on issues that inspire them the most! In my free time, I enjoy hiking my way across New England, reading good fiction, and mastering the art of tea brewing.

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Lindsey Brown - Outings Fellow
Hi, I’m Lindsey, a PhD student in Applied Mathematics.  My research focuses on modeling circadian rhythms at different scales, from molecular to human level models.   Outside of lab, you can find me playing tennis (with Dudley IMs), taking a Harvard Recreation group fitness class, or volunteering with One Brick or Dudley Public Service.  As an Outings Fellow, I’m excited to revisit and introduce you to some of my favorite parts of Boston and am looking forward to going on some new adventures with you this year!


William Bennett  - Music  Fellow: Jazz
Will is a third year PhD student in Music Theory. His research focuses on the music of outer space, so he's obviously hoping to get the jazz band playing some Sun Ra this year. In his spare time, he likes making music, running, and attempting to skate.

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Max Murray - Music Fellow: Orchestra

Hello! My name is Max Murray. I'm a PhD student in music composition, and the music fellow directing the Dudley House Orchestra. I am passionate about classical music and sharing the experiences that it offers whether in performance, in education, or in my work as a composer. If you're a graduate student eager to retain orchestral music-making in your life in an engaging and high-spirited forum please get in touch! 

Following a tireless childhood course in food and laughter appreciation, I studied music performance and composition in Canada and Germany before moving to Boston.


Eliza Gettel – Coordinating Fellow

I am a PhD student studying ancient history in the Classics Department. I focus on Greek and Roman history, but I have a side passion for archaeology, which conveniently takes me to sunny places during the summer. I am a New England girl through and through, and I have an inordinate amount of pride for my home state, New Hampshire. I grew up ski racing, hitting tennis balls and racquetballs, playing soccer, rowing, hiking, biking and most other activities you can list. Now I channel this energy into coordinating events for Dudley House members. Dudley Rowing and inner-tube water polo tournaments have a special place in my heart. I'm very excited to be returning as a Dudley Fellow this year and I'm looking forward to another fantastic year! 

Jonas Ruegg - Intellectual/Cultural Fellow

My name is Jonas, and I'm an international student from Switzerland. International, that is, not only as a foreigner, but also because my studies so far offered me a number of chances to physically settle down in different places on the globe and to mentally immerse myself in distant ages. In the "Regional Studies - East Asia" MA program, I'm focusing on Japan's early modern history (17th–19th c.). Besides this, I'm studying Chinese and occasionally other languages. In my leisure time, I like painting, knitting, calligraphy and alpinism. At Dudley House, I'm a member of the Cultural / Intellectual team, and I'm looking forward to welcoming you at one of our numerous events.


Will Steinhardt – Athletics Fellow

I’m a PhD Student in EPS studying factors controlling the extent and morphology of hydraulic fractures by investigating fracture propagation in brittle hydrogels.

As the new athletics fellow, I am hoping to expand upon our successes from last year, when we won the Strauss Cup. This year, I expect Dudley to win the America's Cup, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, cure hiccups, eat cupcakes and sing that “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect. I hope for another great year of Frisbee, Football, Fencing and all the other sports.

Feel free to come talk to me about geology, movies, music, my beloved Eagles, or any questions about playing sports with Dudley.

Madeleine Wolf - Literary Fellow

Hello, my name is Madeleine, and I'm a PhD student in Romance Languages & Literatures. I study French literature and culture, with interests in women's writing, ‘fantastic’ literature, and theatre. I love writing, reading, and talking about books, so I'm delighted to be one of Dudley's Literary Fellows this year! I’m originally from Minneapolis, but I’ve lived in Southern California and Paris, and I like to travel. When I'm not in class, I like going on walks, finding new places to explore in the Boston area, writing poetry, and watching movies. I especially enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories, so I look forward to seeing you at our events this year! 

Emma Zitzow-Childs - Intellectual/Cultural Fellow

Hello! I’m Emma, a PhD student in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, where I specialize in French literature. My research interests involve the various intersections and bleedings-over between literary and musical voices, so you can also frequently find me lurking about the Music Building. As part of the Intellectual/Cultural team at Dudley, I’m looking forward to showcasing interdisciplinary speakers and events. Brushing up on my Norwegian skills (acquired as a girl thanks to my great-grandmother) is something I like to do in my spare time, and a reason for which I’m especially eager to be involved in organizing the Dudley Language Tables. When I’m not parler-ing, snakker-ing, or musiking, I find myself taking too many photos of my cat and scheming my next getaway to another corner of the world. 


Hubert Remillard Intellectual Cultural Fellow
Hi I’m Hubert, the Intellectual and Cultural fellow for the coming year – I look forward to meeting many of you and hopefully you will enjoy the events that the team will organise. I am originally from Quebec City, Canada but have lived most of my life near London in the UK. I’m here taking a masters in Regional Studies East Asia and my research sits loosely in the ‘Digital Humanities’; using computational methods to investigate a corpus of travel narratives to Japan from the 19th and 20th Century. My interests outside of work are sadly not nearly as exciting or wide ranging as many of my Fellow Colleagues; I try and brush up on my French which is rapidly fading away, I play board games when I can find willing participants and otherwise idle time away sampling various alcohols with friends. I look forward to meeting all of you!
\Users\chenette\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\pic.jpeg Nick Hoernle Outings Fellow
Hey! My name is Nick, and I come from South Africa where I grew up getting outdoors and participating in a range of adventure sports. In particular, I picked up kite-surfing and trail-running as my two favorite hobbies, but I also enjoy surfing, hiking and (of course) exploring. I also got into wine due to the strong wine industry in Cape Town and I ran the wine society at my undergraduate institute (University of Cape Town) for a few years. I have a huge love for finding, tasting and drinking new and exciting wines from around the world. I came over to the USA to study Data Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence applied to education. I am excited about planning plenty of trips to the areas surrounding Boston, the mountains in New Hampshire for some hiking and skiing and the breweries that are abundantly available in the area. I look forward to meeting you on some (or all) of our trips.
tuo Tuo Liu - Social Fellow
Hello everyone! I'm Tuo and I'm a Ph.D student in Romance Languages and Literatures, where I specialize in French literature. I was born in China, but moved to Montreal when I was 8 years old. At Harvard I serve as the Prime Minister of the GSAS Canadian Club. My favorite things include The Sound of Music (pun intended), Mean Girls, Disney movies, games of all sorts and eating. I'm thrilled to be social fellow this year, and look forward to seeing you at our varied events and a year filled with laughter and joy! 

Jessica Carbone - Food Literacy Fellow

I am pursuing a PhD in American Studies, where my focus is on food history and culture. I come back to my Boston hometown with a decade of working in the "food world," first as a cookbook editor and then as a food history researcher and public program developer. My DIY-food education has included front and back-of-house work in restaurants and supper clubs, volunteering with my neighborhood CSA, and reading and cooking from every food-focused book I can get my hands on. Looking forward to planning events for Dudley House this year!



Alana Mailes – Music Fellow: Chorus


“Hello! My name is Alana, and I’m from Southern California. I direct the Harvard Dudley Choir and am a PhD student in Historical Musicology. My primary area of academic research is seventeenth-century music of Italy and the British Isles, particularly opera and monody. I am an enthusiastic performer of early music and maintain an active schedule as a soprano soloist and choral singer throughout Boston. Though singing is my main musical pursuit, I also like to conduct and play the piano, harp, and viol. When not musicking in my free time, I enjoy reading, creative writing, sketching, swimming, exploring museums and other historic sites, and romping around with golden retrievers. I’m looking forward to a fun year of singing and camaraderie with the Dudley Choir. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in joining our community!”