Past Concerts

Spring 2018

Dudley WME Spring 2018 poster

The Dudley World Music Ensemble presents its 2018 Spring Concert!

This concert will be centered around four main musical projects that we have focused on this semester.

The first is a set of songs exploring the diversity of Latin American music. We have a pair of cumbia songs from Colombia and Venezuela, El Pescador (The Fisherman) and Elsa, then the catchy, driving Libertango, one of the most famous tangos by the seminal Argentinian nuevo tango composer, Astor Piazzolla. Finally wee also have the intimate, elegant yet sleek bossa nova standard Agua de Beber by Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim.

The second project is a set of songs unified by the idea of traveling. This is music which easily lends itself to communal playing and improvising by large groups of people, and we hope to be able to convey our joy in playing this incredible music together. We present folk songs from the Roma and klezmer traditions; the memorable, cult hit theme song of the Soviet animated classic The Bremen Town Musicians; and our own version of the Ethiopian jazz standard Musicawi Silt by Girma Bèyènè. In particular, for the last song we are inspired by the version done by the Silk Road Ensemble, with whom we did a workshop last year.

The third project is a pair of songs where combine popular songs from the East and West: the trance-like, dreamy Radiohead number Glass Eyes, followed by the driving sounds of Saari Raat, an emotional, driving rock song by Pakistani rock band Noori. These two songs form a satisfying, arc-like musical progression, but apart from their musical affinity, both of their lyrics are centered around frank expression of human emotions: pessimism and anxiety in Glass Eyes and frustrated love in Saari Raat.

Finally, our last musical project is a pair of love songs from film soundtracks: In-yeon, originally from the Korean film King and the Clown, and When Your Mind's Made Up, from the Irish movie Once.

The concert will be held on Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 PM in the Geological Lecture Hall, Harvard Geological Museum, 24 Oxford Street, Cambridge. Admission is free and there will be a reception afterwards. For more information, contact director Daniel Ang at

Fall 2017

Dudley WME Fall 2017 Concert Poster

The Dudley World Music Ensemble presents its Fall 2017 Concert!
We will be playing musical works from all over the musical landscapes of the world: Greece, Israel, India, Mongolia, Louisiana, Quebec, Bulgaria, Sweden, Vietnam, and others. There is also John Williams' Air and Simple Gifts and a colorful mashup of Sound of Silence and Shape of My Heart. 

The concert will take place in Dudley House Dining Hall, which is located in Lehman Hall, just inside Harvard Yard. It is free and open to the public, with a reception afterwards.


Spring 2017

WME Spring 2017 concert poster

The Dudley World Music Ensemble will perform in its 2017 Spring Concert! The Ensemble features musicians drawn from the Harvard graduate student community. We come from 11 different countries and a diversity of musical backgrounds. In this concert, we will play music from a variety of different traditions: Hindustani classical fusion, a Lebanese modern composition, Miyazaki film music, to American folk music and many more. 

The concert is free and open to the public, featuring a reception with food and drink afterwards. It is held in the Yenching Auditorium (2 Divinity Avenue), Harvard University.


Fall 2016

The Dudley World Music Ensemble at Harvard University performs music from all over the world in its Fall 2016 concert. Come listen to us play our unique arrangements of songs from Afghanistan, Ireland, India, China, Venezuela, Brazil, and others! Highlights include the classic Afghan pop song "Laili Jaan" and "Mountain Bhairavi", a song featuring a fusion of Hakka folksong and Hindustani classical traditions. 

The concert is free and open to the public, with a reception afterwards. 

Date and Time: Friday, December 2, 2016, 7:30 PM
Venue: Dudley House 2nd Floor Common Room

Spring 2016

The World Music Ensemble is inviting you to its Spring Performance. This semester we concocted a very diverse set of music from everywhere in the world. Pakistan, Italie, Ireland, Indonesia, West African inspired original creations, Israel, and an original Piece. 
The performance will be held in Dudley House, and the concert will start at 8. The performance will be followed by a reception where food and drinks will be served.
To get you excited, here is the link to our Fall concert:

Hoping to see you all numerous and transcended,


the World Music Ensemble.
Time: Aprile 29 (Friday), 2016, 8PM
Place: Dudley House Common Room (2nd Floor)

Free admission.  Reception to follow.  ID required for alcohol.

Concert Program

Drum Circle
Bichra Yaar - My separated lover
Bubuy Bulan
I Itch
Amhran Na Farraige - Song of the Sea
So Far



Fall 2015 Concert


Concert Program

U Rusciu te lu mare - The roar of the sea
Tenia una Luz
Death of Love in a dead language
The Romance: traditional and improvisational songs for the
Viva Colonia


Spring 2015

Dudley WME Spring 2015


It's concert season again! Come and join the Dudley World Music Ensemble (WME) for an evening of cross-cultural musical conversations and sound experiments. You will discover and, we truly hope, fall in love with musical traditions and sounds that you have never encountered before.  The one-hour program will feature both WME's original compositions and new arrangements.

Carnatic (South Indian classical) music, Kyrgyz pop, ghazal, didgeridoo music, tabla duet, French film song...and more. Support some of the brightest graduate student musicians and let their music inspire you. 

Free admission.  Reception to follow.  ID required for alcohol.



Arts of War: Fall 2014

December 10, Wednesday, 8:00PM, 24 Oxford Street (Geological Lecture Hall)

The Dudley World Music Ensemble (WME) at Harvard University presents a unique concert inspired by the ongoing exhibition at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, "Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures." This concert features both original compositions by WME and existing repertoire drawn from across the world: from battle music in Java and classics dedicated to the war goddess of India to conversations between the Yi mouth harp and voices of tabla. In addition to instrument demos on mbira, didgeridoos, komuz, kanun, and the bagpipes, the concert will feature a special collaboration between WME and Harvard’s Gamelan Si Betty, one of the largest American-built gamelan modeled after the court gamelan of central Java.

Event is free and open to the public, complimentary event parking available at 52 Oxford Street Garage. Reception to follow: Common Room, Dudley House 

5:00-8:00PM: special free gallery hours in the "Arts of War" exhibition (click here for more information), Peabody Museum, 11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge

8:00PM: "Arts of War" Concert in the Geological Lecture Hall (adjacent to Peabody Museum), 24 Oxford Street, Cambridge